Global Ovations

Global Ovations is a one-stop Public Relations and experiential marketing agency highly dedicated to providing services that add value to brands, including Event production, TL campaign executions, Consultancy, advertising, event logistics supply, marketing, and Audio-Visual Productions. From event conceptualization, through leadership and human resource management, marketing and budget control, we are able to successfully transform the brands and events we touch.

Women’s Choice Awards Africa

The Women’s Choice Africa, an initiative produced by Global Ovations Ltd. At the Women’s Choice Awards Africa, we translate the collective voice of women into a highly objective and consistent methodology<br /> The Women’s Choice Africa allows women to choose with confidence, knowing that other women across Africa would highly recommend it to their family and friends a country as a whole. Women choices could be their follow women personalities, men, brands


A creative sees the flow of time, and predicts its future. They remain ahead of the curve, setting examples before norms are formed. ACAFEST honors creatives who rise above change, and instead dictates what is to be. Time waits for no one. Its passage brings change, and creates history. Despite the ever-changing nature of our world, ACAFEST continues to adapt and recognize creatives who reign above change, with creativity that pens history, Arts and designs which stand against the test of time and hence remains relevant.
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